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Performance & Compliance

Wind & water performance

Aneeta Sashless Windows have passed testing to AS2047 with performance as high as 3,000Pa of Ultimate Limit State Wind Pressure and up to 800Pa of Water Penetration Resistance.

The site performance requirements generally have a direct influence on the maximum possible window size. There are also a number of other factors that will influence the maximum possible window size:

  • The weight limitations of the counter-balancing mechanism. Both the pane size and thickness will influence the pane weight.
  • The bushfire attack level of the site may result in thicker glass being required.

Our sales team are able to guide you through the process of configuring the ideal Aneeta Sashless Window for your project.

Bushfire compliance

BAL-12.5 and BAL-19

  • Metal mesh screens are required to the openable portions of the window.
  • If the windows are within 400mm of ground level then a minimum of 6mm toughened glass is required, and frames shall be metal, bushfire resistant timber, or metal reinforced PVC.

BAL-29 and BAL-40

  • Metal mesh screens are required to both the openable and fixed portions of the window.
  • Monolithic glass must be 10mm toughened glass.
  • Double glazing must be a minimum of 6mm toughened glass to the outside.
  • Frames & hardware must be metal.

BAL-FZ (Flame Zone)

  • Approved bushfire shutters must be fitted.

Fall prevention

Depending on the room type and the height of the fall, screens or restricted openings may be required. The openings of Aneeta Windows can be customised to meet requirements.

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