Aneeta Windows

Care & Maintenance

The appropriate care and maintenance of your Aneeta sashless windows will keep them in excellent condition and increase the lifespan of the product.

Regular operation and maintenance of Aneeta sashless windows is a condition of the Aneeta warranty.
Operation and maintenance should be conducted:

  • Every 6 months in harsh locations like coastal areas and bushfire prone (BAL-29 and above) areas.
  • Every 12 months in all other locations.

Required maintenance includes:

  • Ensure all panes operate in a smooth and free manner.
  • Ensure all seals are in place and clean. The acrylic lap seal can be removed to allow cleaning.
  • Ensure all handles and locks are operational, clean and in place.
  • Clean all visible aluminium with a soft cloth and remove grime and dirt from internal tracking systems with a clean cloth.
  • Tracks should be sprayed with silicon spray to maintain good lubrication.
  • Clean all glass with mild soap, mild detergent or commercial solvent. All cleaning product manufacturer’s directions and warnings should be followed. If solvent is used, it should only be used on the glass, and solvent contact with glazing sealants should be avoided. Harsh or alkaline cleaning products should not be used. After cleaning, glass surfaces must be rinsed with water and dried with a squeegee or clean dry cloth.Exposed timber surfaces must be sealed with an appropriate grade sealant. Timber sealant must be re-applied to the sealant manufacturer’s instructions to avoid weathering of the timber and minimise timber movement.

Lock Maintenance

The lock has been manufactured for lifetime maintenance free purposes. Should you require to replace the barrel or key please contact your nearest Aneeta office to arrange the service call. All service calls are charged at the appropriate rate.

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