These are the entire Terms and Conditions of Sale of all goods merchandise and services (Goods) supplied by JELD-WEN AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (ACN 087 012 226) (ABN 62 087 012 226) and any associated and related companies or businesses (all of which are referred to as JELD-WEN) to any person, firm or company placing an order with JELD-WEN for the purchase of any Goods (Customer). Except as otherwise expressly agreed upon in writing between a duly authorised officer of the JELD-WEN and the Customer, these Terms and Conditions shall apply notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary which may appear on any order form or other document issued by any Customer, or any other contract executed by the customer and JELD-WEN.

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to charge all of the Customerís interest in real property both (a) present and (b) future in order to secure payment of any and all monies which are now or hereafter become due and payable by the Customer to JELD-WEN and consents to the lodgement by JELD-WEN of a Caveat or Caveats noting its interest pursuant to such charge. If the Customer makes this application as Trustee of any Trust including without limitation the Trust (if any) described on the front page of this Application then:

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to indemnify JELD-WEN for all legal costs and fees in respect of such charge and Caveats as well as collection costs and any and all other costs it may incur in seeking to recover monies due and owing by the Customer to JELD-WEN. Terms and conditions of sale © JELD-WEN AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED Page 5 of 7 The person(s) signing this Application hereby warrants that he/she has read and fully understands the nature and effect of JELD-WEN Terms and Conditions of sale and: